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Business Opportunities

We are firm believers in the progressive Europeanisation process and the steadily growing importance of the European Union. To take account of this development and ultimately reinforce and protect the business model of EUTOP in the long term, we are looking for business and cooperation partners with experience in governmental relations and their own networks in all EU member states; especially for projects in France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, Poland and Romania.

Whom we are looking for

Partners for successful cooperation at European level
The growing together of Europe means that the conditions for successful communication between politics and business have fundamentally changed:

The Treaty of Lisbon, which entered into force on 1 December 2009, has solidified the EU internally and externally. Apart from the diversity of topics, the complexity of the decision-making processes for stakeholders has increased greatly. The European decision-making structures have become increasingly impenetrable to individual companies.

EUTOP recognised this development at an early stage and oriented its business model accordingly. EU legislation, such as regulations, directives, decisions and agreements; infringement proceedings; foreign trade agreements and external trade policies like antidumping or antisubsidy duties; state-aid procedures; antitrust procedures or abuse proceedings; mergers; member state legislation; regulatory decisions at EU or national level – the specific EUTOP approach provides an adequate solution for each of these different cases of representation of interests. For us the crucial factor is the commitment to the common interest of Europe.

Correspondingly, EUTOP maintains organisational structures with offices in Brussels, Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Paris, Rome, London, Vienna, Budapest and Prague and in addition has links across the EU with structural cooperation partners. The EUTOP team, currently consisting of about 100 people, also includes structural advisors, among them former leading figures from the legislature and executive as well as personalities from public life from several EU member states.

Who we are

The growing complexity of decision-making processes in the EU increasingly requires knowledge of the complex sequences of these processes in addition to specialist knowledge of contents. A structural process partner is becoming increasingly important, even indispensable, for successful communication from the right person to the right addressee, at the right time and right place, and in the right manner, along with the necessary content-related arguments. EUTOP has been a pioneer in the field of Process-oriented Structural Governmental Relations (PSGR®) since 1990. It is founded on trust, integrity and discretion. As a neutral and objective intermediary between business and politics, EUTOP depends on the trust of both sides (“trust cannot be inherited!”).

On the basis of the EUTOP quality standards (ISO 9001, data protection, financial compliance, legal compliance) and equipped with space, human resources and organisational capacities, EUTOP together with its clients accompanies the political decision-making processes in the European Union and selected member states structurally and sustainably with its scientifically well-founded approach (OnePager®-Methodology and PSGR®).

Our clients of many years standing, which include numerous EURO STOXX, DAX and MDAX corporations as well as European subsidiaries of companies listed in the Dow Jones index, rely on the quality of our services, on effective political communication with decision-makers and on us providing structural, sustainable process support for their political projects.


EUTOP International GmbH
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81679 Munich, Germany

Ms Stefanie Valdés-Scott
Head of Corporate Services
+49 (89) 323700-6025
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