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Compliance is becoming increasingly important in the business activities of major companies. EUTOP has always taken this issue very seriously and collaborates with leading external advisors in this respect. EUTOP clients are therefore guaranteed utmost security and reliability.

Legal compliance
EUTOP works closely with two internationally renowned law firms that have extensive experience in the field of legal compliance both in Germany and worldwide, particularly in the USA. In addition to regular information on the latest developments in this area, EUTOP works with its advisors on the continuous development of its compliance sector. Naturally we follow the statutory regulations and standards including the relevant international regulations such as the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. EUTOP passes this knowledge on to its staff in regular training sessions. Two partners at the law firm, employed for all compliance-related topics, are also available to advise our staff whenever needed.

Financial compliance
The size and legal form of EUTOP mean its annual accounts are not subject to a mandatory audit. Nevertheless, the company has voluntarily chosen to have the annual accounts of EUTOP and its associated companies audited by renowned external auditors since 2001. Complete annual accounts with unqualified audit opinions are therefore available from 2001 on. The business processes, the financial accounting and the cash flow are checked – not just on a random basis, but actually in full. The audits also assess the effectiveness of the internal control systems and provide evidence for the statements made in the accounts and annual accounts.

Tax compliance
All tax-relevant accounting and controlling processes of EUTOP are subject to a tax compliance management system. When developing the tax compliance management system, EUTOP observed the auditing standard of the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany (IDW). Clearly defined workflows and structures ensure that business transactions are recorded correctly for tax purposes and that legal regulations and deadlines are met. In addition to internal controls and their documentation, observance of tax compliance and the need for adjustments are continuously monitored by an external tax consultant and audited once a year by a renowned auditor as part of the annual audit.

Data protection
EUTOP has an independent external data protection officer, who not only carries out the required audits in the company, but also shares his knowledge with employees in regular training sessions on data protection topics. He also issues a regular data protection newsletter sent to all staff, ensuring they are kept up-to-date with the latest information.

ISO 9001 certification
Finance, accounting, HR, legal, and IT administration for EUTOP International GmbH is provided by its 100 % sister company, First Management & IT Services GmbH, whose services have been certified by TÜV SÜD since 2010 according to ISO 9001.

EU Transparency Register
EUTOP is registered in the EU Transparency Register created as a result of the "Agreement between the European Parliament and the European Commission on the transparency register for organisations and self-employed individuals engaged in EU policy-making and policy implementation" (Official Journal of the European Union L277/11). EUTOP Europe GmbH is registered under the number 171298025234-65.