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Status & outlook

EUTOP provides large structures - now comprising over 150 employees and structural advisors -, bundles various competences EU-wide and through this provides for its clients the process structure-, perspective change - and process support competences that are now, additionally to the client's content competence, indispensable to ensure the successful representation of interests. To expand our position in the market, we will further extend and deepen our core company characteristics across the EU as well as further develop our structures in the coming years.

Over the next years, our objective is to be present in all EU member states and to build up acquisition and management structures in the relevant markets around the world in order to also support companies in other world regions procedurally within the EU – additionally to EU-based companies.

We are firm believers in the progressive Europeanisation process and the steadily growing importance of the European Union. To take account of this development and ultimately reinforce and protect the business model of EUTOP in the long term, we are looking for business and cooperation partners with experience in governmental relations and their own networks and acquisition competence in all EU member states.
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